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Minnesota Power is proud to sponsor an exclusive opportunity for teachers from our region to attend the 2015 Lignite Teacher Workshop presented by the Lignite Energy Council. We pay the tuition and reimburse the ground transportation expense for a limited number of elementary and secondary teachers from our region to attend. This teacher education seminar is a two credit class which lasts for four days.

2015 Lignite Teacher Workshop
June 15–18, 2015
Bismarck State College
Bismarck, ND

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Educational Materials

The Windy Classroom CD-ROM
Windy Classroom

This DVD provides a full curriculum (in PDF format) for teachers to educate students about electrical energy, the benefits and limitations of wind energy generation, the connection between energy consumption and production, and tips for home energy conservation.

Louie the Lightning Bug
Louie Safety Materials

Louie the Lightning Bug has been educating students about energy safety for years, with interesting materials and fun activities for children in grades K-5.

CFL bulb
Electricity 101

This informational booklet provides a brief history of the U.S. power industry, how the transmission system works, an industry overview, a review of fuel sources along with other information pertaining to the power industry.

Power of One®
Power of One®

Learn about energy conservation and Minnesota Power's energy conservation programs.

Clubhouse Kids
The Clubhouse Kids Make a Big Difference

The Clubhouse Kids are in danger of being kicked out of their clubhouse if they don’t reduce their energy use. This 32-page storybook promotes an energy-conscious outlook and good habits to students in grades 2–4. Activities include cut-out energy tip cards, a home inspection, a club membership certificate and more.

Hands-On Energy Efficiency
Hands-On Energy Efficiency

This fascinating new book is brimming with experiments and activities for students in the 4th to 6th grade classroom that have real life applications. Experiments include examining an energy bill and testing ways to conserve energy.

Energy Efficiency World
Energy Efficiency World

Energy Efficiency World teaches 3rd to 6th graders energy-related science concepts and energy saving tips. Topics include renewable and no-renewable energy sources, energy transformations, electrical circuits, reducing greenhouse gases, and how to reduce energy use at home and at school. Includes a home energy inspection.

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