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Minnesota Power awards grants to commercial/industrial/agricultural customers who use innovative technologies, improve manufacturing processes, undertake renewable electric energy projects or who need project design assistance. These grant awards are available for a wide variety of projects employing diverse technologies. Following are examples of activities or products that could qualify for Minnesota Power funding under the PowerGrant program:

  • Renewable energy products
  • New electrotechnologies that lower energy costs per unit of production in a manufacturing process
  • Innovative technologies that are new and underutilized in our regional marketplace
  • The inclusion of energy-efficient options in the design phase of a project
  • Grants are ranked and awarded based on least grant cost per kW (annually) and/or kWh (lifetime)

All improvements qualify for a $200/kW rebate. The maximum annual grant will be determined by the customer's average billing demand based on the following schedule:

Customer Demand Maximum Rebates(s)
0 to 100 kW $10,000
101 to 300 kW $25,000
Over 300 kW $50,000

Grants are available to all commercial, industrial and agricultural customers, who may submit as many grant requests as they wish. Customers will receive only one grant in each one-year period.

Design assistance grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Projects including design assistance and product grants cannot exceed the above maximums.

Customers with multiple accounts may not exceed the above maximum grant limits per customer. To participate, customers must contribute an amount greater than or equal to the estimated annual electric savings. This program is available through December 31 of each year or until program funding levels have been reached. Minnesota Power reserves the right to make exceptions to the above conditions as may be necessary.

How to Participate

All grant proposals received within a given calendar month will be ranked by least grant cost per kW and/or kWh. After technical review, Minnesota Power will consider the number of proposals received in a given month and award grants. Because these are bid-based grants, the proposals will receive the whole amount requested or nothing. Unsuccessful proposals can be resubmitted later, either unchanged or modified.

Grants will be approved within 30 days. Customers have 12 months to complete the project after the grant award.

Call Minnesota Power at 218-355-2909 for more information on PowerGrant.

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