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Where do I begin to make effective energy choices?

By first understanding how you use energy and then learning more about the right options available to you. Throughout this site, Minnesota Power provides a number of tools, references, and calculators to help you prioritize steps and develop and implement an action plan that's right for you and your home and helps you get the most for your energy dollar. It is designed to help transform passive energy users into active participants in energy choices.

Simple Pyramid

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Action Pan Step 1
Energy Tools
Resources that help you understand how you use energy and what you can do to manage your energy costs.

Energy-Saving Tools & Info
You can find a wealth of information ranging from heating and cooling to water heating and appliances in new and existing homes.

Home Energy Yardstick
Determine how your home uses energy in comparison with similar homes.

Home Energy Analysis

Standard In-Home Energy Analysis (HEA) (Audit)
A representative of Minnesota Power will visit your home and analyze how you use electricity, determine your electric energy use per appliance, and recommend efficiency improvements.

HEA with Building Diagnostics Services
Detailed building diagnostics involving blower door testing and infrared scanning.
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  • Manage energy usage
  • Control energy costs
  • Increase comfort
  • Benefit the environment
  • Enhance durability and product life
  • Easy to use and convenient
Typical Energy Usage in a Home Pie Chart
Energy-Saving Tips & Tools For Your Home
Tips for saving energy in your everyday activities.

The Pyramid of Conservation
A road map to energy effective choices from everyday choices to investments in energy-saving products.
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The Pyramid of Conservation

A tool to help you prioritize your energy-saving activities.


Room-by-room tour to building energy efficiency into your home.

11 Simple Ways to Save

Low-cost, no-cost ways to save energy and manage your energy costs.

Triple E New Construction

Planning on building a new home? Build it to Triple E standards and achieve long-term energy savings, comfort and durability.

Plugload Pyramid

Climb the plug load pyramid to reduce electric energy waste in day-to-day choices.

Energy Calculators

Tools to help you make efficient energy choices.

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Rebates and Savings

Minnesota Power rebates and special promotions.

Energy-Saving Tips & Tools for Your Home

Tips for saving energy in your everyday activities.

Home Improvement with ENERGY STAR®

Making your home more energy efficient with ENERGY STAR® products and practices.

Action Pan Step 5
Home Energy Yardstick

Update your yardstick based on energy-saving improvements and day-to-day choices achieved in your action plan.

Energy-Saving Tools & Info

What additional information do I need?

It begins with you!

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