All About Peak

What is "peak" and why does it matter?

Customer choices about how and when they use energy affect how Minnesota Power provides that energy and at what cost. By choosing to use energy during times when the cost to provide energy is less, and by conserving energy overall, you can help keep energy rates affordable, benefit the environment and save energy.

"Peak Periods" (or on-peak hours) are times when demand for electricity is the highest. This usually occurs on weekdays during the daytime when businesses are open and people are using electricity for their daily routines. During these times our cost to provide electricity is greater. If peak demand gets too high, those costs can rise very quickly.

All About Peak

Through the use of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), we are able to see when energy is consumed in our service territory, which helps us to better understand peak demand and when it occurs. This infrastructure paired with the Time-of-Day Rate enables us to pass savings on to you when you reduce the amount of energy consumed during on-peak times. By conserving energy throughout the day on weekdays and modifying some of your biggest energy using activities, you could see direct savings on your bills!

Time-of-Day Rate Pilot