Cameras at the Boswell Energy Center near Cohasset and the Hibbard Renewable Energy Center in Duluth provide a closer look at the life of peregrine falcons, the fastest raptors on the planet. Minnesota Power installed the nesting boxes and cameras more than 200 feet up on stacks at the two power plants as part of a partnership with the Raptor Resource Project in Decorah, Iowa.

In a typical year, migrating peregrines return to the nesting boxes in March, the eggs are laid in mid-April and the chicks hatch in late May. The falcons are identified, banded and entered into a database that makes it possible to track the birds’ activities over their lifetimes, adding to what we know about this once-endangered species. More than 70 peregrines have hatched at Boswell since 1993 and more than 20 have hatched at Hibbard since 2008.

Cameras at both nesting boxes offer a bird’s-eye view of the peregrines as they raise their young.

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