Our energy vision is your carbon-free future.

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Minnesota Power calculates and reports carbon emissions based on the GHG Protocol. Details in ALLETE’s Corporate Sustainability Report.

Envision a future powered by
carbon-free energy.
We're building it.

Our bold vision centers on our commitment to climate, customers and communities. We're a clean-energy leader under our EnergyForward strategy, already delivering 50% renewable energy ahead of all other Minnesota utilities. Now we're doubling down on that with a vision to deliver 100% carbon-free energy to customers reliably and in the most affordable ways.

First Minnesota utility to
deliver 50% renewable energy.

2020, 50% less carbon. 2035 target, 80% less carbon. 2050 vision, 100% carbon-free. From 2005 levels as required by state law.

On our way to more than
70% renewable energy by 2030.

2020, 50% less carbon. 2035 target, 80% less carbon. 2050 vision, 100% carbon-free. From 2005 levels as required by state law.

We are committed to a sustainable future for the climate, our customers and our communities while delivering safe, reliable and affordable power.

Blueprint for Building a 100% Carbon-Free Energy Future

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Expand renewable sources of energy

Add up to 400 megawatts of wind power and 300 megawatts of solar power to reach more than 70% renewable energy by 2030.

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Adapt operations

Use economic dispatch for resources to maximize daily use of renewable energy and grid capabilities, further reducing carbon emissions.

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Achieve coal-free energy supply

Cease coal operations at Boswell Energy Center Unit 3 by 2030 and at Boswell Energy Center Unit 4 by 2035.

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Strengthen the electric grid

Invest in infrastructure for managing the delivery of increasing amounts of renewable energy while providing customers more choice and control.

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Adopt innovative solutions

Use evolving technology, demand response and conservation to bring our vision of 100% carbon-free energy home.

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Engage with stakeholders

Work with interested entities on strategies for reaching the carbon-free energy goal reliably, safely, justly and in the most affordable ways.

Sustainability means more than reaching this landmark environmental goal. It also extends to supporting our customers and our region’s quality of life.

Sustainability in action

Our ambitious vision for 100% carbon-free energy meets the call of our customers and communities to provide safe and reliable clean energy in the most affordable ways under our EnergyForward strategy. At Minnesota Power, our commitment to sustainability begins with this landmark environmental goal, but also extends to supporting all of our customers, the health of our communities and the quality of life of our region. Our vision addresses climate change and promotes economic growth and strong communities—while building on the momentum EnergyForward.

Forward-Looking Statement
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Minnesota Power’s parent company, ALLETE, has entered an agreement to be acquired by a partnership led by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Global Infrastructure Partners and start the process to become a private company.

This transaction will not change our operations, strategy or shared purpose and values, and it is business as usual for all of us at Minnesota Power. Learn more at