What to Expect on Your Bills

Your First Time-of-Day Bill

Depending on your bill cycle, your first Time-of-Day bill will either:

  • Include electric usage consumed prior to the October start date and show prorated Time-of-Day costs,
  • Or you will receive a separate closing bill for the end of September and your next bill will only include Time-of-Day rates and usage.

Historical Usage

The historical usage shown on your monthly bill will reset as a result of changing rates. To view more historical usage, you can log into MyAccount, Minnesota Power’s new online tool to help you learn how you use energy and ways to take charge of your energy use.

Other Notes About Your Bill

  • Your bill cycle and payment due date may have changed when the rate began at the beginning of October.
  • Length of billing period (number of days included on the current bill) can cause variations in your bill. In general, for every day's difference in the billing period, your consumption can increase or decrease by about 3%.

Time-of-Day Rate Pilot