Additional Savings with ECM Fan Motors

All fan motors are not created equal. Choosing the right motor for an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system can make a huge difference in energy efficiency, operating costs, comfort and indoor air quality. When you are upgrading your heating and cooling system with a new furnace or heat pump, make sure you ask a product and program trained participating contractor for an Electronically Commutated Fan Motor (ECM) Inside.

See our ECM Fan Motor Special Offers* with new HVAC systems below:

Replacement Motor

If your current forced air furnace or heat pump is less than 10 years old, it may be the perfect time to replace the standard, inefficient PSC motor with a high efficiency ECM Replacement Fan Motor. Simply contact an ECM replacement fan motor participating contractor and tell him or her you want an "ECM Inside."

* Minnesota Power and participating utilities, by providing these rebates, do not warrant the equipment or the work of the contractor and are not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the equipment. The sponsoring utilities reserve the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Rebate subject to homeowners working with a participating contractor and to contractor meeting performance standards. The contractor will file the rebate for you. Limit one ECM rebate per home.

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