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Commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) Rate

Demand charges can be difficult to manage when customers start charging electric vehicles. Minnesota Power’s Commercial EV Rate provides an affordable option that can adapt based on when and how often EV chargers are used. The rate offers two great features: Time-of-Day Charges and an EV Demand Credit.

Time-of-Day Demand Charges

The Commercial EV rate offers price breaks for customers who can commit to shifting their energy usage from high-demand, or On-Peak hours to lower-demand, or Off-Peak hours. Peak periods occur when energy demand from our customers is at the highest. This usually occurs on weekdays during the late afternoon and early evening. Customer choices about how and when they use energy affect how Minnesota Power provides that energy and at what cost. Customers on the Commercial EV rate will only be charged demand during On-Peak hours. This can result in big savings for customers that can schedule EV charging during Off-Peak periods.

The graphic below reflects the standard commercial rate effective Oct. 1, 2023, along with the Time-of-Day Rate adjustments and discounts.

Weekday, Weekend, and Holiday Time-of-Day Hours

Service Charge: $15.00/month

EV Demand Credit

Demand charges can have a big impact on your bill. This is especially true when chargers are used minimally throughout a month. Not every business can avoid charging during On-Peak periods. The EV Demand Credit can offer relief as the EV market continues to grow. Customers under this rate have their demand capped at 30% of the total pre-tax bill. This keeps bills affordable as the EV market matures.

Service Extension Credits

The Commercial EV Rate requires a separate metered service. Minnesota Power can help with the costs of adding this new service! Commercial customers can receive a credit towards Minnesota Power’s costs of adding a new Commercial EV service.

Service Extension Credit Amounts** - $934 for single-phase - $2,889 for three-phase

**Please note service extension credits are subject to change

Commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) Rate Use Cases

Fleet Charging: Fleets may have the ability to control when they charge electric vehicles. If you can avoid charging during On-Peak hours, you will not be billed demand charges.
Public Charging: If you provide public charging, it is most likely you can’t avoid customers charging during On-Peak periods. The Commercial EV rate’s Demand Credit ensures that your demand is capped at 30% of your pre-tax bill. This can be a great option whether you have DC Fast Charging or a group of Level 2 chargers.

Types of Charging

Level 1: All plug-in vehicles come equipped with a Level 1 charging cord that can travel with the vehicle. Simply plug into a standard 120-volt electric outlet. This is a good option for vehicles that have 12 or more hours to charge.
Level 2: This requires a 240-volt connection or outlet, the same voltage a clothes dryer or water heater uses. Most EVs will get between 20 and 30 miles of range per hour of charging depending on the vehicle and charger. This is great if a vehicle is expected to be parked between 2 and 8 hours.
DC fast charger: This type of charger is typically found at public stations. They are compatible with most EVs and provide a rapid and convenient charge, typically providing a charge of up to 100 miles in less than 30 minutes. This type of charger is great for public charging and medium/heavy-duty fleet vehicle charging.

Know your EV charging stations

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