Electric Vehicle
DC Fast Charger Project

Project overview

We’re working to increase the number of public charging stations for electric vehicles in northern Minnesota and plan to install 16 DC fast chargers in communities we serve beginning in 2023. A robust DC fast charging network will encourage EV adoption by easing range anxiety and creating equitable access to charging for all EV drivers. It’s all part of our EnergyForward strategy for a carbon-free energy future.

Sites for the DC fast chargers include both rural and more densely populated communities in our northern Minnesota service area and our network will increase access to EV charging options along major travel corridors or where there are large distance gaps between existing public chargers. DC fast chargers will be located in 13 communities (including two in Duluth) and at sites along Highway 371 and Highway 53.

What kind of chargers will be installed?

Minnesota Power will install a DC fast charger and a Level 2 charger at each site. DC fast charging stations will range between 50-350 kilowatts and be a popular choice for many EV owners because they provide the quickest recharge time. Each DC fast charger will be able to charge two EVs at the same time. The Level 2 charger will provide a backup option if the DC fast charger is being serviced or is in use.

Know a great site for a DC fast charger?

Would you like to be considered as a site host for one of our DC fast chargers? We’re looking for convenient sites easily accessible to EV owners. Here are some of the characteristics and amenities we’ll use to identify the best locations.

  • Proximity to 3-Phase Power
  • Close to Highways or Interstates
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Public Restrooms
  • Area Lighting
  • Close to Local Attractions
  • Food and Beverages
  • Close to Shopping

If you’re interested and are a Minnesota Power customer in one of our 15 targeted locations, we want to hear from you. Minnesota Power will be responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the fast charger at each site and you’ll get all the benefits at your business with no expense!

Fill out the survey below to be included in our search for the best locations for Minnesota Power’s DC fast charging stations.

Site Selection Request Form

Have questions about Minnesota Power’s DC Fast Charger Project?

Contact the Minnesota Power EV Group at or by phone at 218-355-2843.

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