Advanced Home Energy Analysis with
Building Diagnostics Rebate (AHEA)

$100 Rebate for non-electrically heated homes*

$200 Rebate for electrically heated homes*

Available January 1–December 31, 2024

Does your home have two or more of the following?

  • Cold drafts in winter
  • Sweaty windows in winter
  • Uneven temperatures between rooms
  • Heating system does not keep home comfortable
  • Cooling system does not keep home comfortable
  • Ice dams

If so, you might want to consider an Advanced Home Energy Analysis with Building Diagnostics (AHEA). This program includes blower door testing and infrared thermal scans to identify air leaks and reduced insulation levels in your home.

Program Offerings
  • Free energy-efficient products and resources to help you save energy in your home.
  • A detailed action plan to stop wasting energy in your daily activities at home.
  • Information on air leaks and low insulation levels through blower door analysis and thermal infrared scans.
  • A prioritized implementation plan for addressing air leaks and insulation levels, along with information on air quality and addressing moisture issues.
  • Rebates and other special offers may be available through your gas company and in Duluth through Ecolibrium3.

How to Get Your Rebate on an AHEA with Building Diagnostics

  1. Must be an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling. Participant must be a Minnesota Power customer responsible for his or her electric bill.
  2. Contact a participating building diagnostics auditor to request a cost estimate for the AHEA with Building Diagnostics. Because cost of the service varies by degree of analysis, level of expertise, the age of home and travel distance, it is advisable to contact multiple participating auditors for a price quote.
  3. Once you select a participating auditor, work with him or her to schedule a time to complete the AHEA with Building Diagnostics. Please allow for up to four hours.
  4. You will be required to pay the auditor for his or her services.** The auditor will fill out the required paperwork for you to qualify for a rebate on the AHEA with Building Diagnostics ($100 rebate for non-electrically heated homes and $200 rebate for electrically heated homes). Duluth residents may qualify for additional rebates through ComfortSystems (218-730-4025) and/or Ecolibrium3 (218-336-1038).
  5. The participating auditor will complete and submit all paperwork required for you to qualify for the rebate. You must work with a participating building diagnostics auditor to qualify for the rebate.

* Minnesota Power, by providing the rebate, does not warrant the equipment or the work of the auditor and is not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the equipment. Minnesota Power reserves the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Rebate subject to auditor meeting product and program requirements.

** AHEA with Building Diagnostics participating auditor will perform this service for a fee. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay the auditor at the completion of the service. Minnesota Power is not responsible for this transaction.

For questions about the status of your rebate, call 218-355-2843.

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