Through December 31, 2018

Instant discounts are available right at the register from this participating retailer when you purchase any of the ENERGY STAR qualified products listed below. You must be a customer of a participating utility to participate in this offer. Product availability is subject to change at any time.

Bulb Type Current
Retail Price
(Per Package)
Price After
Utility Discount
(Per Package)
Item Description
Standard $17.48 $5.48 9W ES SW (Eight per package)
Standard $11.48 $7.48 GE 11W A-line LED (Two per package)
Specialty $16.98 $14.98 15W LED PAR38 (Two per package)
Specialty $18.98 $14.98 10W LED (Two per package)
Indoor $13.48 $11.48 10W LED Recessed Downlight (One per package)

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