Save & Benefit

People demonstrating the Power of One® in their community.

Save Energy and Benefit Your Community is designed to engage community stakeholders and organizations in identifying and implementing energy-saving opportunities that provide economic and environmental benefits and at the same time provide for a worthwhile cause.

Save & Benefit events involve a local, community-sponsored organization, are supported by community leaders, and show the economic, environmental, societal and personal benefits of energy efficiency. These events show how people who live and work in communities can make a difference. They show people demonstrating the Power of One® in their community to improve quality of life and to work toward a common goal. It begins with you!

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to promote and impact energy conservation in the community.
  • Resource commitment to engage key community stakeholders in supporting the event.
  • Show a broad base of support within the community through co-sponsors and event partners.
  • Improves the community‚Äôs quality of life.
  • Ability to leverage the event to benefit the cause.
  • Impact predominantly Minnesota Power customers.
  • Identify a person as the primary contact for the event.

For more information on proposing a Save Energy and Benefit Your Community event, please contact Amanda Oja at 218-355-3162, or email her at

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Questions on Energy Conservation?

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