Triple E New Construction - Rebates & Incentives

The prescriptive and performance incentives are available for electric heat homes based on Minnesota Power's ability to claim electric energy savings as a result of energy improvements. Minnesota Power's Conservation Improvement Programs (CIP) rebate incentives are relative to the amount of electric energy savings. The associated value of the plan review, site inspections and final home analysis is estimated to be between $600 and $1,900.

Prescriptive Standards Rebate Incentive Amount
  Electric Heat Gas Heat
Minimum Requirements $800 N/A
Plan Review Completion $100 N/A
First On-site Inspection $100 N/A
Second On-site Inspection $100 N/A
Performance Standards Rebate Incentive Amount
Air Tightness Standard Electric Heat Gas Heat
< .25 cfm/ft2 at 50 pascals $0 N/A
< .20 cfm/ft2 at 50 pascals $500 N/A
< .10 cfm/ft2 at 50 pascals $800 N/A

Optional Incentives

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