Participation Requirements

  1. New custom homes, spec homes, pre-built factory homes, and multiple-dwelling buildings up to four units are all eligible to participate in the Triple E program.
  2. The builder/owner agrees to participate in the following inspections/reviews:
    • a plan review prior to construction
    • up to two on-site inspections during construction
    • a final home performance inspection that includes a building air-tightness (blower door) test and infrared thermal scan
  3. Triple E rebates/incentives are tied to the completion of each of the inspections. (see Appendix 2 for a complete listing of rebates.) The builder/owner is required to notify the Triple E representative at least one week in advance of each inspection.
  4. The home's primary heating source must be electric. The following electric heat types would be applicable: baseboard, electric furnace or boiler, storage heating, or heat pumps.
  5. Builders may complete up to three Triple E homes in a calendar year, subject to the discretion of the Minnesota Power rep and the availability of funds. If a builder fails to meet air tightness performance standards on two consecutive Triple E homes, he/she must wait 12 months before completing additional homes. Minnesota Power reserves the right to reject a builder application based on continued failure of the building air tightness tests.

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