Why Build a High Performance Home?

  1. Comfort
    Triple E's high insulation requirements and air-tightening techniques can reduce heat loss and drafts, providing even temperatures throughout the home. High insulation levels and sealing air bypasses also provide a quieter living environment.
  2. Health
    The latest in ventilation techniques and a continuous vapor barrier can enhance air quality and at the same time reduce excess moisture and indoor pollutants in your home.
  3. Energy Performance
    Triple E homes can use less energy for space heating than conventional homes. Triple E homes show an average of 25% reduction in space heating costs in comparison to conventional new construction. Lower heating requirements and more effective heating systems can reduce both first cost and operating cost of the system installed.
  4. Durability
    In its effort to minimize heat loss, the program promotes tight-fitting, high-quality windows and doors with high R-values. Superior air-tightening techniques prevent warm moist air from entering and condensing in wall, ceiling and rim joist areas. The controlled ventilation and air-tightness requirements of the program can reduce the potential for moisture problems.
  5. Marketability
    A home which provides the owner lower energy costs, improved comfort, health, and durability, will naturally increase in market value and resale potential. A Triple E certification can provide an owner or builder greater recognition for the design and construction of a high performance home.
  6. Operating Efficiency and Cost Control
    Better energy performance can also mean lower operating costs. Buyers wishing to stretch their mortgage (dollars) can take advantage of bank programs that reward energy-efficient construction.

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