2024 Rate Proposal

We filed an electric rate proposal with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) as we continue the transition to a resilient clean-energy future through our EnergyForward strategy. The rate proposal supports our delivery of safe and reliable electricity to customers as we invest in a sustainable carbon-free future for the region and the state.

Rates are set through a transparent process with the MPUC that regulates investor-owned electric utilities in the state. The 12-18-month process includes opportunities for public input and participation, and multiple public hearings where customers can speak to an administrative law judge overseeing the process. The MPUC also accepts written comments on its website at We also encourage customers to give feedback directly to us by emailing

Dec. 7 2023: MPUC approves interim rates.

News Release

Interim Rates


Rate Proposal Filing Documents

Jennifer J. Cady
Rate Case Overview

Joshua D. Taran
Capital Structure and Cost of Capital

Ann E. Bulkley
Return on Equity

Frank L. Frederickson
Customer Overview and Sales Forecast

Colin B. Anderson
Budgeting, Cost Allocations, and Expenses

Julie I. Pierce
Power Supply Strategy and Alignment

Todd Z. Simmons
Generation Operations

Daniel W. Gunderson
Transmission and Distribution

Laura E. Krollman
Employee Compensation and Benefits

Patrick L. Cutshall
Retirement Plan Accounting

Michael F. Farrell
Independent Confirmation of Prepaid Pension Asset

Rena E. Verdoljak

Stewart J. Shimmin
Jurisdictional Costs, Class Cost of Service Study, and Cost Recovery Riders

Amanda L. Turner
Revenue Requirements

Leah N. Peterson
Rate Design