Home Energy Support

Tools and solutions for a more energy-efficient home

We can help you identify the details and see the big picture when it comes to your home’s energy use. Use our do-it-yourself options to get started with ways to save energy, improve your home’s comfort and lower your bill. Then, consider following up with an Advanced Home Energy Analysis with Building Diagnostics (AHEA) to find even more energy savings.


Start saving with options you can do yourself


Use our online energy tool to help you understand how you use energy. In MyAccount you can:

View your usage history (in intervals as short as 15 minutes), spot trends and identify when energy is being used the most.
Compare your energy use with a variety of data sets such as temperature, humidity, and previous energy consumption.
Set energy markers for events that may affect your energy usage. For example, getting a new appliance, having a house guest, travelling or other unoccupied times in your home, and more.
Set a usage threshold and be notified via text or email when your energy use exceeds it.

Virtual Energy Advisor

Profile your home and get savings recommendations in just minutes with a virtual energy assessment. Take the assessment here.

Energy Calculators

These tools can help you understand how space heaters and water heating affect your energy use. The heating comparison calculator allows you to compare your current heating costs to other options.

Other tools


Sign up for a free personalized energy review
with our Home Energy Support Consult

Our Home Energy Support Consult is an option for customers who would benefit from a customized look into their energy usage situation. This service allows you to share your concerns and interests in advance, and gives our team insights into the unique features of your property. After reviewing your application, information and account, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a phone call. This 20 minute or less phone call will identify trends and alert you to areas of concern. Based on these findings, we will recommend ideas for reducing your energy consumption or participation in other programs or services that we offer.

Complete the Home Energy Support Consult Request here


Dig deeper with an Advanced Home Energy
Analysis with Building Diagnostics (AHEA)

If you want a more in-depth understanding of how your home’s infrastructure affects energy use, consider signing up for an Advanced Home Energy Analysis with Building Diagnostics. This offering includes an in-person energy analysis by an experienced energy auditor along with blower door testing and infrared thermal scans to identify air leaks and reduced insulation levels in your home.

Additional perks include:

  • Free energy-efficient products and resources to help you save energy in your home.
  • A detailed action plan to stop wasting energy in your daily activities at home.
  • Information on air leaks and low insulation levels through blower door analysis and thermal infrared scans.
  • A prioritized implementation plan for addressing air leaks and insulation levels, along with information on air quality and addressing moisture issues.

Minnesota Power offers rebates to make an AHEA more affordable. You must work with a participating building diagnostics auditor to qualify for the $100 rebate for non-electrically heated homes or a $200 rebate for electrically heated homes. See additional rebate information here. Because the cost of the service varies by degree of analysis, level of expertise, the age of the home and travel distance, you are encouraged to contact multiple participating auditors for a price quote.

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