EVSE Charging Equipment

Notice and Disclaimer

Customers of Minnesota Power are responsible for verifying that the technical specifications of an EV charger meet the OCPP or Open ADR protocols prior to purchase and application for any Minnesota Power rebate. The Chargers represented in this list are not a final or definitive compendium of available EV chargers. Minnesota Power customers are responsible for verifying that a charger on or off of this list is compliant with rebate rules prior to purhcase or rebate application. Minnesota Power makes no warranty or verification that EV chargers listed herein are applicable for rebate without verification from a manufacturer's specifications/data sheet.

Approved Charger Brand Approved Models
Andromeda Power Orca Incisive – ZEN
Andromeda Power Orca Incisive – Strada (Dual)
Andromeda Power Orca Incisive – Strada (Single)
Autel MAXICHARGER™ AC Elite Home
Blink Charging Co. HQ 200
Blink Charging Co. IQ200 Advanced Charging Station
Blink Charging Co. IQ200 Smart Charging Station
Blink Charging Co. Series 4
BTCPower eBox Professional
BTCPower EVP–2001–40–W(P)
BTCPower EVP–2002–30–W(P)
BTCPower EVP–2001–30–W(P)
BTCPower EVP–2001–70–W(P)
BTCPower EVP–2002–40–W(P)
ChargePoint All Models
Chevrolet All Models
Electrify Home HomeStation
Enel X North America, Inc. All Models
EVBox B2323 Networked
EVBox Iqon
EVBox B2320 Networked
EverCharge EV02
EVoCharge EVoIntelligent iEVSE (Dual)
EVoCharge EVoIntelligent iEVSE (Single)
EVoCharge iEVSE Home
Ford All models
FLO Services FLO Home X5
FLO Services CoRe+ (Dual)
FLO Services CoRe+ (Single)
FLO Services SmartTWO (Dual)
FLO Services SmartTWO (Single)
FLO Services SmartTWO-BSR
Grizzl-E Smart NEMA 14-50
LiquidSky Technologies, Inc. Wattzilla DUO
LiquidSky Technologies, Inc. Wattzilla UNO
Livingston Energy Group 103 IHD
Livingston Energy Group 104 IHD
Livingston Energy Group 105 IHD
Livingston Energy Group 106 IHD
Livingston Energy Group CP203
OpConnect All Models
PowerCharge Pro-Link (P20SPN-RC) (P20SWN-RC)
PowerCharge P30DPN–RC
PowerCharge Platinum (#E20DPP)
PowerCharge Platinum (#E20SPP) (#E20SWP)
PowerCharge Pro-Link (P20DPN–RC) (P20DWN-RC)
Siemens VersiCharge SG OCPP
Tellus Green Power UP160J-CMP
Tellus Green Power UP160J-PMP
Tellus Green Power UP160J-WMP
Wallbox All models
ZEF Energy All models 2023 and newer

Note: Please contact us prior to purchasing dealership branded chargers.

Approved Dealership Branded Chargers Charger Brand
Audi Electrify Home
BMW Wallbox
Chevy Ultium
Dodge Enel X Jeep/Dodge branded
Ford Ford Pro
Jaguar ChargePoint
Kia ChargePoint
Mercedes ChargePoint
Nissan Wallbox
Polestar Wallbox
Porsche Electrify Home
Rivian Wall Charger (2023 and newer)
Toyota ChargePoint
Volvo ChargePoint
VW Electrify Home

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