In-Home Displays

Energy Usage and Efficiency

When making energy-efficiency decisions, the hardest part can be figuring out where to begin. One of the best ways to answer that question is by understanding how you use energy. In-home energy displays can provide great insight about usage, which can then help you prioritize energy-efficiency improvements and develop an action plan.

There are a number of devices on the market today and advances in technology will likely lead to enhanced devices in the near future. Here are some examples:

* When choosing an in-home display device, carefully consider installation requirements. Some devices may require the services of an electrician.

Other Tools You Can Use

Other tools you can use when developing your action plan include the following:

  • Energy Calculators
    You can model your home, perform cost comparisons, and learn more about product usage.
  • Energy Information
    You can find a wealth of information ranging from basic electricity facts to more comprehensive topics such as air sealing and heat pumps.
  • Home Energy Analysis
    A representative of Minnesota Power will visit your home and analyze how you use electricity, determine your electric energy use per appliance, and recommend efficiency improvements.
  • Rebates and Savings
    Don’t forget that Minnesota Power offers a number of rebates and special promotions throughout the year that you can take advantage of when implementing energy-efficiency improvements.

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