New Construction Energy Efficiency Program

Homeowners and builders can qualify for more than $4,000 in incentives when building a new home!

Minnesota Power’s New Construction Energy Efficiency Program seeks to promote building practices and technologies that enhance the energy-efficiency, comfort, health and durability of the new construction market in and around Minnesota Power’s service territory. Think of your home as an energy-efficient system that can be optimized to deliver the outcomes you desire (comfort, durability, energy performance, operational efficiency, cost control). The New Construction Energy Efficiency Program encourages energy-efficiency upgrades and ensures quality building by conducting on-site inspections and completing home performance tests.

Minimum Requirements to Participate:

  1. Home will be heated primarily with electric heat.
  2. Installing an Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilator (ERV/HRV) with a minimum sensible recovery efficiency (SRE) of 60%.

Free Program Offers:

  • A plan review prior to construction
  • On-site inspection during construction to help identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • A final home performance inspection that includes a building air-tightness (blower door) test and infrared thermal scan (if temperature difference allows)

Air Sealing Incentives: Measured by ACH50 (Air changes per hour at 50 pascals)

Available Rebates Amount
<1.00 ACH50 $1,700
1.00-1.49 ACH50 $1,200
1.50-1.99 ACH50 $600
2.00-2.49 ACH50 $300

Insulation Incentives

Available Rebates Amount
Continuous Wall Insulation - R-21 +5 or equivalent U-value $800
Foundation Walls - R-20+ $450
Under-slab Insulation (R-10 for non-heated and R-20 for heated) $225
Attic Insulation - R-60+ $125
Exposed Floor Insulation - R-38 +5 or equivalent U-value $100

Window Incentives

Available Rebates Amount
Efficient Windows - < 0.28 U-value $400

HVAC Bonus Incentives

Available Rebates Amount
Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) - Cold Climate $1,500
Ground Source Heat Pump - MNGHPA Master Installer (per ton) $1,200
Ground Source Heat Pump (per ton) $1,000

Water Heating Incentives

Available Rebates Amount
Heat Pump Water Heater $600

Building Certification Bonus

Available Rebates Amount
ENERGY STAR®, Indoor airPLUS, DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, PHIUS (Passive) $250

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